Yalong River Hydropower Development Company, Ltd., or Yalong Hydro, previously known as Ertan Hydropower Development Company, Ltd. (EHDC), is an enterprise engaged in development of hydropower projects and generation of hydroelectric energy. Based in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, Yalong Hydro was incorporated in 1989 and restructured into a limited-liability company in February 1995, with an equity of RMB4.6 billion contributed by State Development & Investment Corporation, Sichuan Provincial Investment Group Co., Ltd., and China Huadian Corporation by the proportions of 48%, 48% and 4% respectively. In March 2010, the equity structure altered and the company is now owned by State Development & Investment Corporation and Sichuan Provincial Investment Group Co., Ltd. by the proportions of 52% and 48% respectively, and its equity increased to RMB28.4 billion.

With approval of the government authorities, the company was renamed in November, 2012 into the current name to better reflect its business scope. Yalong Hydro has currently over RMB130 billion of quality assets and a stable sales revenue of around RMB20 billion.The current Chairman of the Board is Chen Yunhua, and the General Manager is Qi Ningchun.

With hydropower production as its major business, Yalong Hydro was authorized by National Development and Reform Commission to be fully responsible for development of the hydro-energy on the Yalong River. 22 cascade projects planned, totally 30GW in capacity, Yalong River takes the 3rd place in China’s 13 hydropower bases.

Following the company’s “four-stage” strategy Yalong Hydro forged ahead with development of the hydropower projects. As of 2017 the company has a total installed capacity of 14.70GW, which is made up by the 5 lower reach projects including Jinping-I (6x600MW), Jinping-II (8x600MW), Guandi (4x600MW) and Tongzilin (4x150MW), plus Ertan (6x550MW) which has been in safe operation for almost 2 decades. Completion of Tongzilin symbolizes successful accomplishment of the 2nd stage strategy.

Commencement of construction of Lianghekou and Yangfanggou projects moved the company’s focus into the middle and upper reaches. Preparatory work for another 5 middle-reach projects is progressing at a steady pace, and the “1 reservoir for 10 stations” planning work has been initiated.

Facing the future Yalong Hydro will live up to the trust of the nation and people, take on the corporate mission of “contributing clean energy to serve the nation’s development”, and by persisting in implementation of the “four-stage” development strategy, make the company into a first-class hydropower enterprise by world standard, with best consistency in cascades development, highest efficiency in business management, and greatest achievements in comprehensive benefits.