The Chairman's Address

The Yalong River, originating from the southern piedmont of Bayan Har Mountains, carries the melting snow of the plateau, brings the clear brooks and streams, and roars through the gorges and cliffs of the Hengduan Mountains all the way to the east. The Yalong, having even larger runoff than the Yellow River, is a “bonanza” with high concentration of hydropower resources. Its main stream has theoretical energy reserve of 33.40 GW. And in terms of energy production, it has technically developable generation volume of 151.60 TWh per year, accounting for 24% of that of Sichuan Province, or 5% of the whole country. For decades the people living along the river have dreamed that, this stream of clear water flowing endlessly in front of their houses and eyes, will one day bring them heat, power, and opportunities to get rid of poverty.

In order for the God-given treasure to serve vitalization of the national economy, China’s hydropower professionals have devoted generation by generation in seeking, exploring and striving for a way to make the dream come true. After successful completion of its first hydropower project – Ertan Hydropower Station, which was at the time the largest in China, Yalong Hydro did not cease its pace in sustained development of the river. With the Central Government authorizing Yalong Hydro “to be responsible for development of the hydropower resources of the Yalong River”, Yalong Hydro persisted in the scientific development concept, and clung to the “four-stage” strategy to push forward construction of the subsequent projects. At present, besides Ertan which has been in safe operation for nearly two decades, all the other four stations in the lower reach have also been put on-line, which include Guandi Hydropower Station – a significant power source for China’s “West-to-East Power Transmission” program, and Jinping-I and Jinping-II hydropower stations with the worlds’ tallest dam and largest system of underground hydraulic caverns and tunnels. Upon completion of the lower reach projects, the company’s development center was formally shifted to the middle reach. Both Lianghekou, the leading project of the middle reach, and Yangfanggou are currently in their construction phase, and pre-construction investigation and design work for another 5 middle-reach projects is well progressing. Planning work for the 10 upper-reach projects has also been initiated.

Yalong Hydro is and will remain committed to the goal of making itself into a first-class hydropower enterprise by world standard, with best consistency in cascades development, highest efficiency in business management, and greatest achievements in comprehensive benefits, so as to serve the nation’s development by developing the river scientifically and harmoniously, and supplying clean and renewable energy.