The Yalong is habitually divided into 3 sections. A total of 21 cascade schemes have been planned, with a total capacity of 29.17GW. The upper reach is about 700km, and will accommodate 9 small projects of 2,500MW in total capacity. The major projects are concentrated in the last 800km from Lianghekou Project to where the Yalong joins the Jinsha. The middle reach is close to 400km, and will have 7 projects totaling 11,500MW. Lianghekou, 3,000MW in capacity, with a rockfill dam of close to 300m in height, has a multi-year regulating reservoir. In the lower reach of another 400km there are 5 stations with a total capacity of 14,700MW, with another 2 reasonably large reservoirs – Jinping-I and Ertan. These 3 large reservoirs have a total regulating storage of roughly 14.8 billion m3, and when joint-operated, will provide multi-year regulation to the middle and lower reach stations on the river.